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Hafil provides a comprehensive range of high-quality services, based on the latest standards that are applied globally. These include:

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Hafil has regional offices in main cities of the Kingdom. The company’s school transportation network is expanding including in Riyadh among others. Hafil has established its School Transport Division to efficiently carry out daily transport of thousands of pupils to and from their respective schools. The company has proven its capacity to organize and manage huge and complicated transportation operations, allowing it to enjoy the largest share of students’ transportation in Saudi Arabia. Hafil buses are fully equipped with all necessary safety and security technologies, so that future leaders, especially females, can enjoy their journey to school, safely and comfortably. As students’ transportation is considered one of the most difficult challenges, the company has tackled them successfully through solutions that won the trust of parents and the educational institutes, alike. Hafil School Transport stations are scattered throughout the main Saudi cities, located strategically at prime locations to ensure safety and to benefit from timing available for students’ transport, without blocking the traffic in the cities.

  • Al-Kharj
  • Al-Hota wa Al- Hareeg
  • Al-Aflaj
  • Wadi Ad-Dawasir
  • Jeddah
  • Al-Qunfudha
  • Laith
  • Buraidah
  • Al-bukairiah
  • Beesh
  • Sabia
  • Abu Arish
  • Al- Ardah
  • Ahad Al- masarha
  • Samta
  • Farasan
  • Al- Daier
  • Al- Darb
  • Jazan
  • Damd
  • Fayfa
  • Al- Edabi
  • Yanbu
  • Abha
  • sarat Ubaida
  • Ahad Rufaida
  • Khames Musheit
  • Tareb
  • Dammam
  • Al-Ahsa
  • Hafr Al-Batin

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Service & Maintenance Centers

200 mobile workshops to deliver round-the-clock, on-road assistance

What differentiates Hafil is the steadiness and efficiency of its operations. In order to ensure efficient transportation, the company needs to have the necessary maintenance tools to offer services round the clock. For that purpose, Hafil has been keen to establish a high capacity service center to provide continuous maintenance of its buses as well as to perform regular checkups. Hafil’s main service Center is located at the center of its headquarter in Shumaisi. The center is fitted with latest tools and equipment, employs professional engineers and skilled technicians to perform all major and minor maintenance tasks in the most specialized manner.

Furthermore, the company has state of the art mobile workshops with ideal working conditions in terms of efficiency and safety. These workshops are used to help rescue the stalled buses through round-the-clock, on-road technical support all over the Kingdom. In order to realize its aspirational vision and to face the eventual challenges of transportation, in the most professional manner and to continue its march towards excellence which can help develop smoothest operations’ possible, Hafil has equipped all its buses with GPS Systems that help monitor buses’ locations and routes, every day, 24/7; to make Hafil the most qualified transporter for all purposes in the country.


Prima is a leading private taxi company based in Saudi Arabia that operates fleet of Hyundai vehicles that meet the needs of customers in addition to experienced drivers and staff.

Prima Fleet

About the services of Prima

  • Passenger transfer from and to Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport, Medina
  • Pilgrim transfer from Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport to hotels in Central Area, ​​Madinah and from there to Mecca (individuals / companies)
  • Religious Tourism Programs (shrines) in Medina
  • Passenger transfer between all KSA cities
  • Providing transportation services for events, exhibitions and conferences
  • Providing transportation services for people with special needs using equipped cars and trained driver
  • Attached please find photos of cars in the service line + photos of cars from inside and outside + sales counters located in front of the arrival terminals 5 and 4)

For reservation and inquiries: 0583938777